"Upcoming" Book on the House Sale

My Realtor and I talked before about writing a book about trying to get our house sold. We’ve been through quite a bit on this deal. We spent from June 07 to Feb 08 on BuyOwner, where we had a few showings but mostly got calls from Realtors looking to list us. We finally listed with one Realtor who came off strong but in the end didn’t seem to possess the drive to market our house. When we hadn’t had a single call in over a month, and I started pushing her to get people back in the door, she suggested a short sale. I said "no way" for several reasons. She suggested a bridge loan to cover both our house and my in-laws’ house. Ugh. When I said no, she said she’d let us go to refinance. I pressed for an unconditional release, which I never officially got, but she said I could list with another Realtor. When we relisted, things were going fine when the former Realtor’s broker called demanding that we finish out our listing agreement. Our Realtor was forced to undo hours worth of work that made for really effective marketing, which got people in the door. After a couple of days, the broker let us go and signed a release. Then we went through the three almost contracts between a woman and her daughter. I’m sure with the proper writing, this would make one heck of a story.

I even picked out a title for the book, but I won’t give the address at this moment. The title is "BOHICA- the (our address) Story." BOHICA is an acronym from my Navy days that is very crude yet I believe tells our story perfectly: "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!"


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