Silencing the Christians Videos

I’ve ended up on all kinds of mailing lists over the years. I’ve canceled several. There are others that I find annoying but occasionally useful, such as the Libertarian Party and the American Family Association. The LP is always asking for money (but I’m sure the Republicrats and Demonicans do also but I’m not on their lists) and the AFA is always asking for money or to boycott something for some reason or other. I did participate in the Ford boycott, but to be honest that really didn’t cost me anything because I never buy new cars and I never buy Fords (OK, one exception and it will be the last. I’ve always said our 1995 Ford Windstar has run flawlessly since we spent $5500 in two visits to a Ford dealer to get Ford’s manufacturing defects worked out of it.) That’s like saying I’ll participate in a hip-hop music boycott. I never buy the stuff anyway, so why not let my otherwise inaction contribute to active support, however symbolic it may be? The AFA currently has a McDonald’s boycott going on. Guess where my lunch came from yesterday? I didn’t buy it, it was brought to me. It’s not that I don’t support the reasoning behind some of these boycotts, and the one against Ford was eventually effective, but I’m not sure this is a good long-term strategy.

In any case, several months ago the AFA was sending out emails about a series of videos about Silencing the Christians. To be honest, often when I hear of things like this, I assume it’s just the usual whining. "Whaw! the Liberal Media is ignoring Christian issues!” Right, and my three year old is lying to me that mommy said he could have ice cream and his little brother said he could have his share too. Where is the news in that statement? I’ve started to ignore the so called “conservative” news sources as much as I ignore the “liberal” or “mainstream” sources.

I’ve had a browser tab on my laptop open to the Silencing videos for several months. Maybe it’s time to watch them. If they actually contain something that I didn’t already know or write off as whining, maybe I’ll comment on it.


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