House Update

So far we’ve had no offers on the house, but we have had a steady stream of showings. It seems that every time we’re tempted to drop the price, we get some more calls for showings, so we haven’t have to drop the price yet, which is good because our list price is just about the break-even point. Since I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey lately, I’m kicking myself in the butt for maxing out our equity three years ago, and for the two second mortgages before that.
Our first Realtor, let’s give the benefit of the doubt, wasn’t quite up to the challenge of selling this house. We had two showings right away, then nothing else happened for the rest of the two months we were listed with her. It was very discouraging, and when I started asking how to get people back in the door she suggested a short sale then let us go from our contract "to refinance." Our current Realtor is a professional associate of a friend of ours, and she is working hard. I a so thankful to have the hope that not all Realtors are created equal, and not all brokerages are created equal. With our current Realtor, it seems that her entire brokerage is involved in selling our house. There are three brokers on the name, and they’ve visited and brought clients to the house. Other Realtors in the brokerage have shown the house as well. It seems like they’re personally involved. I plan to give a glowing recommendation when this is all over.


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