How Did TAPS Keep Their Cool?

Lately, I’ve really taken to enjoying the Sci-Fi Channel’s show Ghost Hunters. I started getting into the show earlier this year after a chain of events. C. Michael Patton wrote about the show on his Parchment and Pen blog about the same time my church was going through Joe Beam’s book, Seeing the Unseen. That sort of opened up my mind to the possibility of there being some logical explanation for paranormal activity besides general demonology. I started watching the show on Wednesday nights not too long after that.
Last night’s show featured the Moss Beach Distillery, which has had paranormal activity reported over the years. According to Wikipedia, the place was featured on Unsolved Mysteries at one point. Jason and Grant quickly found that most of the paranormal activity was caused by gadgets installed by the owners. I have no idea how they remained as calm as they did during the debrief with the executive chef. I assume they receive some kind of payment for their time for the show, and of course a scene with them grabbing the guy by the throat, lifting him off the ground Darth Vader style, and asking him why he wasted their time could easily have been edited out in post-production. Still, I think they were far too composed in that situation. I would say that TAPS gains credibility for quickly finding the hoax.


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