Update on Selling the House

I thought I’d post a brief update on selling the house. We switched Realtors, and the new Realtor is working very hard. We still haven’t had any substantial development. We had one offer, but the person needed a contingency to sell a house, and when our Realtor asked the person to drop the price, the person said no. That places all of the risk on us, which isn’t right. Like I said, this Realtor is working very hard. It’s nice to have her to worry about the details, which takes a huge load off of us.
When we bought the house in 2001, it was a seller’s market. This was probably the 25th or 30th house we looked at. We looked at a lot of them. Any time we put an offer in on a house, we got beaten out by a matter of minutes by another offer.We almost lost this house to another offer, but the person apparently had two Realtors fighting, so the sellers rejected their offer and accepted ours then put us through hell for the next several weeks. I don’t think they really wanted to sell the house, but from what we’re heard from the neighbors they didn’t have a choice.
It’s the exact opposite now, and it’s really starting to get demoralizing. One good aspect of the way things have worked out is that although we’ve been trying to sell for about a year now, our listing appears brand new in time for summer. We have to work hard for a showing. We have to keep the house clean, and any time we get a call about a showing, we have to straighten up, clean the windows, clean and mop the floor and the bathrooms, put away laundry and other items… It’s hard work. Even when we can keep the house clean, it’s still at least an hour and a half of work at a minimum just for one showing. Then the person walks through in five minutes and leaves. If our Realtor gets feedback, it’s usually something like "It doesn’t meet our needs" or "The bedrooms are too small." I know that buyers have to buy a house that meets their needs, but it’s hard not to take something like this personally. I can’t tell you how many times it’s taken us two or more days to get ready for a showing and we don’t even get feedback.
Last night was about the same. My wife had to do most of the work because I had an eye doctor appointment. When I got home, we had dinner, cleaned up, tried to keep the kids from scattering toys and smudging the windows, then at five minutes to seven, we put the dog on a leash and walked down the street. When we’re home for a showing, we’ll do that. We’ll walk down to the corner so we can watch. We saw the family drive down the street and pull up to the house. They went in, and came out a few minutes later, then drove away. It’s all I can do not to ask "What’s wrong with my house? Why didn’t you buy it? Don’t you know how hard we’ve had to work just so you can walk in for five minutes, drive away forever, and dismiss it?" I haven’t heard anything yet, so I guess no news is good news.
I hope we sell soon. I don’t know how much more of this we can take. Even my wife is getting cynical about it. There are times I can’t help but think "Why clean up? They’re not going to buy it anyway."


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