Work Laptop

I was able to find a temporary laptop that I could work on. I work for one company as a contractor to another organization. I’m essentially an employee of that organization but my paycheck comes from the other company. My parent company has team meetings once a month. Let’s just say I’m not the only contractor around, so they bring us together to keep in touch. Because of Friday’s meeting, I found out about a meeting that I should have been at, but our group hadn’t been invited. We will be in the future.
While I was at my parent company’s offices, I stopped by the IT guy’s cubicle to ask if I could borrow a temporary laptop. I needed something that would work with my Toshiba DynaDock, and the other temp solutions we have won’t. I’ve been spoiled by a 19" flatscreen monitor. Besides. have you ever tried to translate dimensions on an Excel spreadsheet into a Visio drawing on a 1024×768 laptop screen? It turns out that he did have a loaner; a Toshiba with a Pentium-M. It’s not my dual core AMD64 on my returned laptop, but so far it’s getting the job done.

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