A.W. Tozer- Troubling Book Review

I recently came across this book review about a biography of A. W. Tozer. I didn’t know very much about Tozer. I know he  was a preacher and evangelist and wrote many books. I’ve read a lot of quotes from him in other writings. Apparently he was some kind of spiritual giant. I’ve heard a lot of recommendations for his books, but I’ve also heard comments that his books can make you feel like he’s beating you up for failing to live up to a very high standard.
The book review pointed out something interesting. He did not have much at all if any relationship with his wife and many of his children. He apparently had enough of a relationship to have several children, but his devotional and travel schedule left little room for his family. That troubles me. I obviously would love to be some kind of "super saint", walking hand in hand with God. I would love to spend the time reading and learning. I do the best I can, but what kind of testimony would I have if I neglected my job and my family?
I’ve heard that Martin Luther took to family life with a passion after a life as a monk. He truly enjoyed domestic life, and I’ve heard a quote from him that "a housewife washing diapers is more pleasing to God than a monk going through his prayers." On one level, devotion and worship to God are highly important, but on another, should they eclipse everything? No doubt, I should probably choose reading the Bible or a worthy book over watching Grey’s Anatomy, but should I choose spending 4 hours in my closet praying over spending time with my boys, building a relationship and trying to demonstrate to them how to relate to the world as a Christian? I honestly never understood how people can pray that long. Should I spend my evenings reading theological works rather than try to take some of the load of raising the children off of my wife?
No doubt, these questions may seem easy on the surface, while they may go deep in exploration. We can find extremes in both directions. For a Christian, isn’t living out faith in the day to day actions of our lives at least as important as outward demonstrations of piety?

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