Wrapping Up The Real Estate Issue

From my post on Saturday night, my wife went back to see the broker today. She was very kind and apologized for Thursday. As somebody who can let a bad day overshadow other people’s lives, I completely understand that. I still have no idea what the Realtor we originally listed with did, but it caused a lot of trouble and I’m sure I got pulled into some of that Wednesday and my wife on Thursday. We have the signed paper letting us go from the listing agreement, and I will recommend this broker as a person of integrity.

My wife was looking at our original listing agreement, and she’s not sure it was filled out correctly. It’s possible that it was never valid from the start from a contractual point of view. That’s interesting. We just hope to move forward. We just want to get the house sold.

I’ve been thinking of writing a post on having to depend on professional services for which a person has no training or experience, and how a person can truly be at the mercy of the so called professional when something goes wrong. Real Estate, for instance, is a heavily regulated field. A lot can go wrong. Most of us are not Realtors, and have little interest in becoming one. When you sign a listing agreement with a Realtor, you expect the Realtor to know what he or she is doing. When the Realtor doesn’t, or doesn’t represent your interests, a lot can go wrong. The same goes for medical billing. You can read my "Darn It Jim" series on Blogger about how it took two years to get a pediatrician’s bill settled for Caleb. I am not a medical billing specialist, but I had to spend way too much time acting as one when Aetna screwed up, and one Aetna customer service representative after another refused to do his or her job properly. I wish I had some journalistic training, so I knew which way to go with that article.


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