Useful Pocket PC Software? Call Firewall

This will be quick as I have to get moving soon. I have a couple of numbers that are driving me nuts. Citibank calls me every single day, but when I attempt to answer, the call hangs up. Then it shows up as a missed call. If I call back, I get stuck in phone menu hell, although I have found that pressing * gets me into a long que to complain to somebody who should be able to fix the problem. I was told two weeks ago that my number would be removed, but it hasn’t been. The number I’m getting called from is (800) 967-2400.

I’m also getting calls from (660) 626-1534. The number claims to be from a marketing or survey office that is immune and exempt from do not call lists. This number has been calling me lately as well. I needed a good, free way to block them.

Enter Call Firewall. I just installed it today, and put both of those numbers in. We’ll see how it works. Call Firewall features 4 modes:

– Blacklist : All numbers here will be routed to phone messenger (just like your cellphone is off)
– My contacts only : Only incoming calls from your contact list are allowed. Other will be routed to phone messenger
– Whitelist : All numbers in this list will be allowed to incoming call. Others are rejected.
– Reject all calls : Guess what ??? 😉

Of course, all I want is for these two numbers, for now, to stop bothering me.

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