Selling An Overpriced Home in a Nonexistent Market

I have a Realtor coming in a few moments to look at listing the house again. We’re not willing to give up, but honestly, it may come to that. I’m going to lay out our goals, and ask if selling is possible. If not, I guess we’ll just have to refinance and wait things out. We’ll have our BuyOwner listing for as long as we need it; until the house sells. I guess we can just refinance and keep slowly dropping the BuyOwner price as our principle drops until somebody comes along to buy.

I honestly have no idea where the problem actually lies. We’ve been monitoring prices in our neighborhood all along, and made sure our house was price relative to the others. We don’t have a basement, but our house is move-in condition. I don’t know if there truly are no buyers, or if somehow our house doesn’t tell it’s story well enough through, or what the problem could be. Maybe most buyers are still buying those $350,000 Xerox houses rather than a more modestly priced starter home.

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