Food and Wine Festival

    This prospective blog post has been sitting on my Pocket PC for months. I figured it’s time to publish it. That’s why I’ve been testing One Note publishing. I can’t get MS Word to publish with pictures, so I’ll have to compose on the go with Pocket One Note, then transfer to Windows Live Writer when I get the time.

    Last October, my wife and I went to the food and wine festival in Atlantic City. We met some food celebrities like Tommy and Adrien from last season’s Food Network Star, and we had our picture taken with Guy Fiere. We sampled some good food and wine and beer. I found a new restaurant to go to the next time we’re in Lancaster County.

    The celebrity chef was Chef Morimoto. I felt very bad for him. For whatever reason, nothing worked. Here was a world class chef who did not have a properly set up kitchen or a microphone, his sound crew was horrible, and his cameraman did a slightly less professional job than a fifth grade audio/visual club could have done.


    The picture was taken by my iPaq 6945 Pocket PC. I’m was just trying to show how bad the quality of the camera work was. You’d think a competent cameraman would have centered the picture on what Morimoto was doing with his hands, but this guy did not.

    I wish I had put together this post sooner, while the experience was fresh in my memory. When we watched Morimoto, I had just finished my classes at the University of Phoenix, so I was especially sensitive to the unprofessional work of the camera and sound crew. I’m sure a world class chef like Morimoto would be used to showing up and finding nothing working, and he did a good job of working around it.

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