I Might Be Switching to Microsoft’s Live Spaces

I hate to do this after 235 posts on Blogger, but I might be switching my blog to Windows Live Spaces. My space (not MySpace, but I have one of those too) is http://emuelle1.spaces.live.com . I know at least one person checks my blog (thanks for reading, Andrea!), and I do like Blogger, but one minor issue has come up. I like to use Windows Live Writer to write my posts, but Blogger seems to have disabled the “fire and forget” feature. When I write in Windows Live Writer, I want to be able to publish remotely, but in an effort to cut down on spam, blogger will only take the uploaded post as a draft. I then have to log in, open the post, and publish it by putting in a CAPTCHA (those letters and numbers). That makes posting to my blog more complicated than I’d like, especially since I got my new job and have less time to blog. CAPTCHAs might cut down on spam, but they are a serious pain for real people. These last two sentences of this paragraph are added after my second attempt to enter the CAPTCHA.

I’ll keep this blog up for a while, and I probably will drift back here if I can find an override for remote publishing, but if you read this blog regularly, please check my Windows Live Space for the time being until I decide finally. I may additionally start using my WordPress blog. I had high hopes of being a “pro blogger”, or somebody who makes money from blogging, but who am I kidding?



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