I Got An iPod Touch (32GB)

I called my dad Friday afternoon, and asked if he’d like to buy me an iPod Touch for my birthday. The Apple iPhone sounds really good, but I just talked him into buying an iPaq 6945 Windows Mobile phone last October as a graduation present. I’m slowly moving my old posts over from Blogger, so maybe I’ll get to that one eventually.

After wasting an entire day at work, I needed something to make me feel better. Since my mom passed away, my dad and my brother live in what must amount to a bachelor’s paradise. I figured that buying my own present (on my rewards Visa) and having him send the check was easiest all around. I checked Circuit City’s website, and found that the 32 GB iPod Touches aren’t carried by 2 of 3 local stores and are out of stock in the third. I have never been successful in getting my wife into an Apple store, so off we went to Marlton. I told my kids we were going to a store the sells Apples like my computers. I have an old iMac 333Mhz G3 and an iBook G3 600 Mhz, so they’ve grown up around outdated Apples (of course my 80 Gig video iPod is already obsolete.)

I am impressed by the Apple store. The store was crowded, but I was met right away by a "genius". I think that’s what the Apple store calls them, but I know it’s what bloggers call them. I actually wanted a minute to screw with the Macbook Air demo units, but when the employee met me I said "I’m looking for the 32 Gig iPod Touch." He led me right to the wall with the cases, which I had thought about anyway. I loved the case on my 80 GB video iPod, especially when working on the house and and yard, because I had an arm sleeve that I can put the iPod on. I picked out a case for the iPod Touch, then the genius went into the back to get the touch. He then took a handheld unit, swiped my credit card, and I signed off. Wow, that was fast. In the meantime, my wife was going out of her mind trying to keep Joshua and Caleb from crashing two iMacs on display, but both seemed to be running children’s applications anyway. She was expecting a long wait, as there were a bunch of people in line. I told her I was already done. Then we went to Trader Joe’s for her to do some shopping. Everybody won Friday night.

It took me a while to get all of my content synced. I need to watch some of the video that I’ve built up. It all fit on an 80 Gig video iPod, but not on a 32 Gig iPod Touch. I’ll have to make an effort to watch some of the shows I’ve converted and some of the video podcasts I’ve built up.

Overall, I love the iPod Touch. It’s phenomenal. It came preconfigured with gmail imap settings, so I just entered my email login and password and it was there. It picked up my home wireless network right away also. Seriously, this is amazing! I still have my iPaq 6945 Windows Mobile phone, and the iPod Touch is showing me some glaring limitations of Windows Mobile. Maybe not limitations, and the Touch has many of them as well, but a media player with wi-fi, email, and full featured web browsing is not something to complain about. It would take me several minutes while leaving the house to get my 6945 to connect to wireless, bring up Flexmail 2007 (as Pocket Outlook is too limited for my tastes), download messages, then close Flexmail and turn off wireless. I can whip out my iPod Touch and check email in seconds on my way out the door. Pocket Internet Explorer is about useless, but Safari on the Touch is pretty good for keeping up on my Google Reader feeds of looking things up online sitting on the couch.

I’m not sure if I’d want to jump straight to an iPhone, but the Touch will definitely make up for email and surfing limitations on my WM Phone.

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