University of Phoenix Switches to Gmail

I logged onto my page on the University of Phoenix’s website yesterday to see what the commencement information is for this year. As I was poking around, I decided to log into my webmail account so see if anything has happened since last October. I found two emails regarding the University of Phoenix switching student email accounts to gmail. Wow, new students are blessed. I had to deal with an 8 MB account limit over IMAP. I had such a horrible experience that I thought for a while that IMAP was an older technology.


For some reason, most of my traffic on this blog is from people looking for UOP email account settings. Of course, they don’t stick around and leave comments to make me feel better (or worse) about the time I’ve spent putting more than 240 posts on this blog over 3 years. Ya’ll can stop searching now, as gmail’s help can provide all of the information you need.


I’m not sure what they’re using for newsgroups, but searches to my blog can trail off. Gmail can help you.




2 Responses

  1. I’m a UoP student and I’m trying to set up windows mail. Do you have any idea? How do you do it in gmail? I’d love to use gmail!

  2. Rachel, do you mean Windows Mail as the Outlook Express replacement in Windows Vista? Gmail includes instructions in how to set up Windows Mail. UOP *should* have the instructions, but having attended there for 2 years, I’ll assume they either don’t exist or are not easily comprehensible. I’ll see if I can find something and post a follow-up.

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