Is There A Design Flaw in the Fisher-Price SmartCycle?

Our children were given a Fisher-Price SmartCycle for Christmas (or the generic, unmentionable Solstice Holiday for those of you who go into epileptic fits at the mere mention of the word "Christmas".) It seems to be a decent enough game system and the kids really enjoy it (and fight over it.) We have come across one minor point that I believe might be a design flaw. For some reason, the right pedal keeps stripping. I will not place this post in my "Hall of shame" category because I can say that Fisher-Price’s customer service has been nothing short of stellar, except that they seem to use the same shipping methods that the University of Phoenix used to send me my degree: they appear to pay extra so that delivery of replacement parts can take up to two and a half weeks.


20080206 008 20080206 009


Other than that, as I said, the kids love playing with the SmartCycle. They fight over it constantly. Customer service has been exceptional. When the first pedal stripped, Fisher-Price sent my wife a replacement. When that replacement didn’t arrive within two weeks, they sent another replacement. Now, they are going to replace the entire unit.


If anybody else is having similar problems with the SmartCycle, let me know in the comments.



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