Surgery Aftermath

As a follow-up to a recent post about a visit my son Caleb had to a doctor’sCaleb aq office regarding his broken finger, here’s a update. Caleb had surgery this morning to set the bone in his finger and stitch the cut. It was the middle finger on his right hand (the "South Jersey Finger of Friendship" as I call it). The surgery went well, he had a really good nap, and despite having a huge heavy cast on his arm, he’s as rambunctious as ever. The injury is not severe at all; but a large cast was put on him to keep him from putting things in it. The cast seems to be about half of his body weight. Also shown are the ultra-cool and comfortable pajamas that the surgical facility gave Caleb. I offered to buy a couple of extra pairs and should have asked if they come in adult sizes. They look more comfortable than the scrubs that I took home from the hospital when Caleb was born.


I don’t want to give the impression through my "Darn it Jim" posts that I see the health care (and medical billing) industries through a viewpoint of disdain. I’ve actually had many positive experiences and relationships with doctor’s offices and customer service representatives at insurance companies. Of course, all it takes is for one small thing to go wrong to cause immense headaches, hate, and discontent. For the most part, my experiences are positive, but when they’re not, I really need a platform to rant about it.




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