I Want Sandy Doesn’t Work For Me

About a month or two ago, several of the lifehacking/productivity blogs I follow started to review the online virtual assistant I Want Sandy. The service sounded interesting so I thought I would check it out.

Sandy is a virtual personal assistant. The concept is simple: you email "Sandy" or cc her on an email to somebody else, and she adds items to your calendar and shoots you email reminders at the appropriate time. "She" understands an easy shorthand. You can send emails to Sandy of items that you want to be reminded of or actions that you need to do. "Sandy, remind me to buy beer for the party on June 6", or "Sandy, remind me about my doctor’s appointment on Feb 18 at 3:30 PM".

When I originally wrote this entry, I could not get the service to work. Like many web services, Sandy sends an email with an activation procedure. In "her" case, Sandy wants you to send an email to a special address. This is supposed to activate your account. That did not originally work for me. Neither did emailing tech support. I sent three emails over several weeks asking for help and as far as I know my emails disappeared into the ether. While I was playing around with Sandy to write this entry, I found a link to reset my password. Somehow that activated my account, so I can use Sandy.

So far, none of my emails seem to be showing up on my account. I’ll write more later if I can find a way to use this service effectively. Until then, I’m just letting you know Sandy is out there.

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