One Day of Silence I Could Certainly Use…

For anybody coming to my blog for a post of substance, this probably isn’t it. This is nothing more than a pure and simple rant.

It’s finally over. Daylight Savings Time (or as I started calling it years ago "Sucklight Stupid Time") is finally over until March (or whenever King George decides to set this useless and annoying policy next year). I find "days of silence" to be patronizing and useless, but next time Sucklight Stupid Time comes around, let’s declare and follow one day of silence that we could all use: let’s go ONE SIMPLE DAY WITHOUT REMINDING EACH OTHER TO SET OUR CLOCKS BACK OR FORWARD OR WHATEVER THE HECK IS DECIDED THAT TIME AROUND. That it. Just give me one day without an email or blog post or helpful announcer at whatever function I’m at be it church or a yearly training session reminding us all to set our clocks whatever direction they’re supposed to go that time. Just one day. We’re all adults, and everybody tells us anyway. I just started to go through my RSS feeds from this weekend, and I can’t tell you how many bloggers decided to post "hey, guys, just a reminder to set our clock…" Shut up already! If you don’t know to set your clocks whatever direction then you deserve to be late for whatever you do on Sunday.

I feel better now. I just can’t wait to get back into work tomorrow and see how many emails came out after I left on Friday reminding us to set our clocks back.



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