For A Supposedly World-Class Telecommunications Company, AT&T Isn't Very Reliable

It’s 6:30 AM on Sunday. My wife forgot to pay the AT&T Wireless bill, so I thought I’d take care of it before everybody gets up for church. I log into AT&T’s website to find "We’re sorry, this feature is not available right now." That is to say, their entire account management system is not available right now. I decide to call instead in the hopes of getting this taken care of. Guess what? The customer service rep can’t even take a payment because the systems are updating.

This isn’t the first time. Often, when I log onto the AT&T page, I find some areas unavailable. Can’t this world-wide business run a backup server?

AT&T may boast about the fewest dropped calls, but I wonder where they stand on CONNECTED CALLS. My wife is often told by people that they tried to call her however; her phone never rang and no missed calls show up. I’m not sure if I get unconnected calls. Often my wife will have voice mail messages from up to two weeks in the past pop up on her phone out of nowhere.

Sometimes I think it would be worth the $175 per line fee to just leave AT&T. The only problem is, in a market oligopoly, where would we go? T-Mobile at least sounds friendly and usable, but most of what I hear says that they aren’t reliable. Considering the reliability we’ve come to know at AT&T, that scares me. I’m honestly not very impressed with Verizon’s prices, and I never really have figured out the point to Sprint.

As Avery Brooks said in my favorite IBM commercial "It’s the year 2000, and there are no flying cars. Where is my flying car?" I say it’s the year 2007, and there are no reasonably priced and reliable telecommunications services. Where is my reasonably priced and reliable telecommunication service? I was promised a reasonably priced and reliable telecommunications service.

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