Conclusion to my Cingular 8125 Adventure

I returned my Cingular 8125. The intermittently sticking camera button rendered the device unusable. I was thrilled with it, and I really wanted the 8125 to work so I could use it. The company that I bought it from through an Ebay auction, Dyscern, has a return policy so I mailed the 8125 back yesterday. I also sent my old hx4705 to to see if they can diagnose and repair it.

Having had my taste of a Pocket PC phone, however, I’m hungry for more. However, as I survey the field, I’m having a hard time making up my mind. I talked my dad into the 8125 as a graduation present, even though I haven’t completed my degree yet, I have three more weeks of one class and one DANTES exam left. I asked my dad what sort of limit I should adhere to and the figure he gave me should be enough to get a new model rather than a $219 "Buy it now" deal on Ebay. However; I’m having a hard time deciding if I should look for a Pocket PC phone, wait to see if my hx4705 can be fixed, or just wait until next year and see what comes out. I saw a post on Pocket PC Thoughts stating that SonyEricsson apparently contracted HTC to make hardware for a Windows Mobile phone. I haven’t used any of SE’s smartphones, but the two SE phones I’ve had did impress me so if SE could combine the best part of their phones with Windows Mobile, I could see waiting until next year.

I have many conflicting preferences and the pool of available devices does not match them. My hx4705 had a 4" 640×480 VGA screen, and frankly the smaller 2.8" 320×240 screen on most Pocket PC phones is hard to adjust to. The slide-out hardware keyboard is nice. I like a lot of the utilities and customizations that HP adds to their iPaq line and HTC did not include similar features in the 8125. However, HP does not have slide-out hardware keyboards in their Pocket PC phones. They have the thumb board, which might be acceptable but the screens on those devices are 240×240.

Of course, the iPhone does fall within the price range my dad mentioned, but the data plan is separate. I’m not sure that the iPhone is worth using without a data plan.

And so, my options appear to be three or four:

  • Get a Pocket PC phone such as the Cingular 8525, making appropriate sacrifices in preference for features.
  • Get a regular Pocket PC and just continue using a cell phone.
  • If hx4705 can be fixed, continue using that until next year and see what devices are available then.
  • Live without a Pocket PC.

While I’m waiting for to receive my hx4705 and contact me, I might spend some time reading reviews. I will also return this blog to normal programming.