The Cingular 8125 Saga Continues

I made a little bit of progress on my Cingular 8125. My years as a technician combined with my IT degree are becoming quite an asset to me. I couldn’t sleep last night; at least, I couldn’t sleep very well. I actually did fall asleep twice just long enough to dream about wandering the house because I couldn’t sleep. You have to love that. My wife told me I should stay home from church (I also didn’t feel well at 11 PM last night) but I still couldn’t sleep so I went to my computer room to get my geek on. I put the battery in the 8125 and tried to turn it on. It actually looked like the unit would boot up, and it did. I shut it down to swap my SIM card back in, and I was back to the "crashed" splash screen. I tried off and on to get it to work, and finally after about the 40th try it did boot up. I didn’t bother to put my SIM card in this time because I wanted to try to get some of my data off. We went to the Lindenwold Park for Lindenwold Day (yearly town celebration) and I got some pictures of my kids riding ponies that I wanted to recover if possible. Also, many of my tasks in Outlook disappeared somehow and I wanted to see if the Pocket PC still had them available. They are gone. I have no idea why.

When the Pocket PC booted up, I did find one problem I was having last night. For some reason, the camera keeps coming on and taking pictures. I guess the hardware button is stuck somehow. That’s not a good thing. I wonder if that’s why I can’t restore the Pocket PC to factory settings. I went into the button assignments and assigned the camera button to <nothing>.

I’m still hoping to return this 8125 for a refund. I’m not sure I want an exchange considering the problems I’ve been having with it. I did some reading last night and discovered that a lot of people have the same problems with the Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard).

By the way, if you see the screen on my previous post, it is a bootloader screen, according to XDA-Developers. The bootloader screen appears when you start up the phone with the camera button pressed. This is more confirmation to me that my camera button is stuck on.

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