I’m Getting a Cingular 8125

I’m getting a new Pocket PC. I hope the seller doesn’t mind if I take the image from their Ebay auction. If they do, I’ll pull the image down. I linked the image to their site to show my good faith.

I’m getting the Cingular 8125. This one was a good price. It’s not a top of the line model, but it’s the best of all worlds. It is a Pocket PC Phone, but a true Pocket PC so all of my applications should work unlike the Smartphone version of Windows Mobile. The 8125 is quad band, and though it does support EDGE, it also has 802.11 wireless so for the time being I can use wireless rather than get a data plan. It has Windows Mobile 5 and I understand that an upgrade to WM6 is available. I’m hoping to have my new PPC phone sometimes next week. I’ve gotten so used to depending on my iPaq hx4705 that I’ve been going out of my mind the last three days. The staff meeting today was especially brutal without my Pocket PC to work on.

This will be my fourth Pocket PC in four years. Much like buying cars, I always end up getting my Pocket PCs used. This one is no different. The Ebay auction said that it had signs of slight use but has been tested and is functional.



Update: I wrote the text above last week. I’ve been tied up ever since and have not had a chance to edit and post, so I’m just going to append. My phone arrived Friday afternoon by UPS. The auction provided free 2-day UPS air shipping. I bought the phone on Thursday morning and it arrived in a little more than 25 hours. My family and I were down in Wildwood for the yearly Firemen’s Convention, so I asked my neighbors to watch for packages. I got the box when we returned home Sunday. When I opened the box up hoping to be back in mobile productive bliss, I discovered that the wrong battery had been enclosed. I called the customer service line and left a message. When my wife and I returned from a small group we meet with on Sunday nights, I found an email from Dyscern, the company I bought the phone from, that the correct battery would be mailed to me on Monday. I also bought a 2 GB mini-SD card to use. I’m hoping that the battery arrives today so I can start using my phone tonight. I’m planning to keep my Sony Ericsson z525a as a backup. It’s a really good cell phone with many useful features, including the ability to put together a conference call.

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