Sorry I Haven’t Been Around

I would like to apologize for having dropped offline for a while. I don’t think that I have any regular readers at this point, but from the monitoring services I’ve been using I can see that I get some Google traffic from University of Phoenix searches, specifically for newsgroup settings.

I’ve dropped offline for longer periods of time, but never so deliberately. Google pulled my AdSense account, which was starting to take off. I learned very quickly that Google does not mess around with AdSense. I had a couple of other blogs that I’ve started and never done anything with which I added AdSense to. While viewing the changes that I made to those sites, I saw some ads that sounded interesting and relevant (isn’t that the point to targeted ads?) and I clicked on them. That afternoon my account was disabled. I appealed but have not heard anything back from Google in more than a week.

I spent a bit of time trying to decide what exactly I want to get out of blogging. A very abstract comment is that I want to somehow be a part of the "great conversation", sharing information and interacting with other bloggers. Obviously, the ability to generate a little bit of supplemental income through ad programs sounds nice, but I’ve had to spend time thinking about whether I’m blogging in hopes of ads, or if I’m blogging for other reasons.

I still haven’t figured the whole thing out. I enjoy writing, and I have my own perspective on quite a few issues that someone will hopefully find interesting and relevant. On some topics I wouldn’t mind getting a discussion going.

I think I’ll stick around as a blogger, AdSense or no AdSense. There are other programs I can try, as well as a shameless tip jar. If you enjoy my perspective, look forward to regular posts once again.



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