HP iPaq hx4700 Windows Mobile 2005 ROM Update

I wrote this past Saturday about how the iPhone is everything that I wish Windows Mobile had been. Last October, I bought the Windows Mobile 5 update for my iPaq hx4700 Pocket PC simply because I don’t like not having the latest and greatest if I can do anything about it. The problem is that although this device is capable of running WM2005, it doesn’t run efficiently. I finally got fed up and restored the Pocket PC to Windows Mobile 2003SE. I got my performance, but of course not my functionality.

This morning, I read about a new ROM containing Windows Mobile 2005 for the hx4700 on Pocket PC Thoughts. I downloaded it and I am currently installing it. Let’s see if this will give me the performance of WM2003SE and the functionality of WM2005. I’ll update later. That link contains a complete tutorial as well as links to all of the file needed and some other tips.



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