The Entire Point to Buy Owner Is To Not Use A Realtor…

And so it begins. When I got home from work, I found on the kitchen table an envelope hand addressed to me with no return address. I opened the envelope up to find large, bold text with AOL Instant Messenger quality underlining and spam quality writing on a piece of paper with a faint Remax watermark. The text was at least double spaced and and of a font large enough that the small amount of writing took up the whole page. The text said:

4.5%! Thats(sic) right! I will sell your Buy Owner for only a total of 4.5% commission! If Buy Owner sells your home before I can then you pay me 0% commission! You have nothing to lose! Beware of those flat fee real Estate(sic) companies that offer to sell your home for an upfront flat fee combined with a percentage because they are not full service. I take no fees upfront! I will handle the whole transaction from start to finish! Call me, **** ********, Direct at (***)***-****. Remax sells more homes than anyone else in the world!

If you think that was painful to read in a Windows Live Writer blockquote, try reading it on a full page. Obviously, I edited out the name and phone number but I left Remax in there because they rightly should be publicly embarrassed at the quality of marketing of some of their agents.

Well, *****, here’s my offer back to you: I will take you up on your suggestion to pay you 0% commission as I will not be using your services. With writing like that, even if I were interested in paying a standard real estate commission (and I have absolutely no problem paying a professional to work on my behalf), there is no way in hell I would want you drafting a contract that my signature might go on. Take some writing lessons at Camden County College. It sounds like you learned how to market from reading your spam folder.

This Realtor doesn’t seem to understand the point to Buy Owner. Buy Owner is not a flat fee brokerage; they provide marketing and screening services. I handle showing my house and negotiating with potential sellers, then Buy Owner provides the services of a title company to handle the closing.

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