Eliminating Clutter Tip: Get A Clean Slate

I’ll keep this post short. I want to post more often, but we’ve been incredibly busy lately. I’m in my final three classes and we just put our house on the market (more on that in a later entry).

I hate clutter, and yet for some reason I seem to be the worst offender. This morning my wife came up to my computer room and asked me about a bunch of magazines that I had laying around. I’ve built these things up over more than five years, some I’ve had for six or seven. Some were free from organizations, some I had a subscription for a year or so, yet most I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. As I went through this pile, I realized that if I’ve had this magazine for five years and I haven’t read it yet, what are the odds that I will? With my wife’s help, I threw just about all of them away.

Some things we keep around for no apparent reason. I actually feel better with these magazines gone, like I just deleted a ton of items off my to-do list. If you have magazines laying around or tasks that you just aren’t going to get to, just start with a clean slate.

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