Helpdesk for New Technology Roll-out

Have you ever worked a helpdesk? If not, have you ever had to help a friend or relative with a new computer? I came across this video through an email newsletter that I receive. This video sure brings back those days of trying to help people do simple tasks on a Windows 95 PC.

"Click the START Button. It’s in the bottom left corner of the screen. No, you’re moving to the top right. Move the mouse down and left. No, you’re still over to the right. OK, good keep coming down. Now go left… No, that’s right. Fine, let me do it."


I surely do not miss those days. Enjoy the video. Hopefully I will be able to write another post in a day or two. My wife and I were going to lay down laminate flooring, and the project sort of went another direction. I’m sure that will make for a series of posts.


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