Limiting Scope of Thought

I just started a new class in my information technology degree program at the University of Phoenix. The new class is Web Programming I. I’ll have another Web Programming class after this one, and I’m happy to have the same instructor from the two Java classes I took last year. The class I just finished was called Windows Networking, and what I learned from that class is much more valuable than the curriculum could indicate.

When I saw that I would be taking a class called “Windows Networking”, I expected to be able to blow the class off. I’ve spent years networking in Windows, and it’s fairly easy, or so I thought. By the end of the first week, I learned a valuable lesson. The class was on Windows Server 2003, a product I have not had much if any experience on. I’ve gotten quite a big head on my shoulders over my capabilities with home networking, but that is the realization I came to: I’m thinking too small. Sure, I’m good with Windows XP and home networks, but that’s where my problem lies. I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about information technology from an enterprise perspective. There’s no way I’m going to be able to make any real money in the home market. Sure, maybe I can pick up a few dollars by undercutting Geek Squad, but how far would that take me really? No, if I want to make the “big bucks”, I have to start thinking much bigger.

Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post last month titled Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy. He wrote about why it is more important to create or define a vision first, then let the strategy fit the vision rather than the other way around. Setting the strategy first will cause your vision to be much smaller. With that advice, I am going to craft a new vision for myself that will not be limited to personal computers but will encompass success in the information technology field.

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