Now you can say goodbye to Microsoft (if you want to)

Are you tired of Microsoft Windows, but really don’t want to spend the money on new hardware for an Macintosh but Linux installations confuse you? First of all, don’t feel bad, second, check out this link: Some kind soul has created an .exe installer for Debian Linux. You no longer have to wonder what an .iso is, no more burning CD’s. Just download and run this .exe just like you’re installing any other Windows program.

Note: I have not tried this yet. The few details I’ve read indicate that this will install Linux on top of your Windows partition, giving you a fully functional Linux installation, freeing you from Microsoft Windows, and keeping all of your files in place.

If you like Windows, again, don’t feel bad and keep on using it. I’ve been working with Linux a lot lately, and Mac OS X, and yet for the time being I find that Windows XP still does what I need to do best. A computer is, above all else, a tool and the operating systems that run on computers are tools as well.

I may try this at one point if I can find an open source or free Ghost type application. If I can ghost my XP partition and restore it later if I want to, I’ll do it. The power connector broke on my old laptop, so using that one to test this out is not going to work until I have time to crack it back open and see if it’s possible to re-solder the connector back on the mother board.

If you do decide to try out this Debian installer and you like it, leave me a comment. If I get a chance to try it myself, I’ll post an update.

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