Hear A New Idea? Put It Into Action!

I’m continuing to write about ThinkTQ as I go through the materials and implement what I learn into my life. While I was researching the products, I didn’t find very much online so I’m hoping that my writings can help somebody else with a decision on whether or not to purchase their products. I’m happy with them, although I haven’t been able to dedicate the time I would like to them.

Change is always hard and painful. One of the ideas I got from the ThinkTQ materials is to put into action new ideas immediately. Most of us don’t like to do this. How often do you hear of a great idea that you would like to implement immediately, but you put it off? It’s as if we’re afraid that somehow putting a new idea into action will cause us pain by not being able to get rid of it if the idea doesn’t work out. This is nonsense. I believe this comes from watching government programs, or corporate programs that are put into action, don’t work, yet are kept running on life support indefinitely no matter how large of a failure they may be. This does not have to be so in your personal life.

If you hear or think of a great idea, go ahead and put it into practice immediately. If it doesn’t work out, scrap it and move on. Maybe make a note of why it didn’t work out in case you want to try it again later. Maybe you’ll come up with a better idea for implementing the idea later on.


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