New Template

I’ve struggled for a while about what to do with my blog/blogs. I’ve tried to think of themes, posts, regularity of writing, and I’ve divided up my interests to appeal to a broader audience. One of the last things stopping me was my template. When I first started this blog more than two years ago, I picked the scroll template because I saw myself doing some sort of social/political commentary. I’ve since decided that I’m not quite that interested anymore. I may still write a piece now and again, but I hate contrived arguments and I have left the traditional political position/party affiliation that I once considered myself a part of. In any case, I don’t have much interest that that field of writing anymore.

I was poking around and I found a template that I think I like for this blog. I’ll run with it and see what I think. If anyone does read this blog regularly, hopefully we’ll be back in business soon.

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