Steve Olson on Wal-mart and Target

I read a post at Steve Olson’s blog about differences between Target and Wal-mart. I would love to have left a comment, but there are already 232 as of the start of this posting, and I’m sure Steve has better things to do than read an email from me, so I’ll just post a quick thought here.

First, I’ll start by saying that this is only my opinion, nothing more, nothing less, and it has only as much weight and authority as you the reader are willing to give it. I do agree with Steve that I prefer Target over Wal-mart. There are times when a trip to Wal-mart is warranted, and my wife and I recently joined Sam’s Club rather than renew our BJ’s membership, but given the choice I always prefer Target.

My mother in law works for K-mart as an HR manager, and will tell prospective employees that she is looking for serious workers (my paraphrase, not her exact words). She tells them that if they’re not willing to work then they should apply at Wal-mart.

Steve compares the aisles in the two stores. Wow, he makes a great point there. One thing I hate about Wal-mart is that every time I need anything in an aisle, there is always a person standing right in the middle of the aisle in front of exactly what I need (like light bulbs) and has no intention of moving before I have to go home and put my kids to bed. Target, on the other hand, does have very long and wide aisles, wide enough for two shopping carts to fit in. I have enough room to keep my kids amused by racing the shopping card around while my wife takes too long to shop. I wouldn’t try that at Wal-mart.

But yes, some trips to Wal-mart are required. I guess it’s just the culture. Wal-mart has a model of the lowest cost at any price. Target seems to have a little more class.

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