What Not To Use An iMac For

The other day, I was installing XP Home on my new desktop hardware and SuSE Linux 10.1 on my older laptop. I kept going upstairs to check on them, and at one point to give my wife a break, I took my 23 month old, Joshua, up with me. My computer room is far from childproofed, but I’ve had both kids in there for short periods of time and as long as I’m watching them I figure they’ll be fine.

Joshua quickly lost amusement with the various toys I’ve collected for my computer desk over the years and wanted to pound a keyboard or two. I didn’t want him on one of my other systems, so I figured I’d let him use the iMac.  It’s a G3 333Mhz (Blueberry, Rev. D) that a friend gave me last year.  I positioned my computer chair in front of it and quickly found out  one reason why an iMac is NOT a toddler toy:

  • The power button is located right on the front. 

He found it, and it became a source of non-stop amusement for him, much to the anguish of his electronics and IT background daddy. You just don’t slam a power supply or CRT like that… The iMac will do an orderly shutdown when the button is pressed, but still, it’s not meant to do 20 of them in a minute.

I took him back downstairs and put off my installs for another time while I played with the kids and their toys.

Children are awesome. I love my boys.

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