Hell’s Kitchen

I think I might have heard of the reality show "Hell’s Kitchen" before, but I’d never watched it. I used to hate all reality TV, but I have come to enjoy shows like "The Apprentice" where the contestants at least have to do something productive to win, rather than sit around a house and stab each other in the back for money. This show was similar in that the cast had to work, but talk about being 180 degrees out. The chef made me look back on my boot camp days with fondness. Compared to him, my company commanders were teddy bears. Actually, R. Lee Ermy (Gunnery Sargent Hartman in Full Metal Jacket) would probably have told him to watch his mouth. That show had more bleeped out words than "South Park".

From what I gather, it is a lot harder to own a restaurant than I could have imagined. Apparently the winner will get to own a restaurant in a very high class resort. The chef is doing a pretty good job of weeding out the candidates with his drill instructor language and references to their skills or lack thereof. I might have to look up more about this show on the internet.

All in all I did enjoy it, and I will probably watch again.



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