I’m Changing Format

I almost seem to be schizophrenic when it comes to blogging. I’ve been looking for the right blog service for quite a while now. I started around December of 2004 with Live Journal but went nowhere with it. I then moved here to Blogger where I have made more than 60 posts. I tried MSN Spaces, which was (and probably still is) in beta, and half the time I would submit a post only to find the service down and my work wasted. I also created a family blog on Blogger but went nowhere with it. I looked at Yahoo’s 360, but it seemed life too much teenage material for my needs. You can also find me on My Space, but I do little with that page other than leaving it up so that people can find me. I talked my friend into setting me up with a blog on his website. I thought that this would give me more options than blogger. Blogger does not allow trackbacks, but I’ve since found this to be a curse as I get 5 or 6 spam trackbacks a day to spam blogs on Blogger. The massive amount of spam blogs on Blogger made me want to leave that service. The more spam blogs show up, the more hits they may take away from me.

I’ve been reading blogs such as Scobleizer and I realized blog entries don’t have to be very long to be effective. Quick posts can be put up to get information and thoughts out onto the web. I still often think of old school writing which requires a lot of thought and planning to go into what is written. A lot of blogs are very well done but are not treated the same was as writing a book or an article. Scoble puts up a lot of content. I hope to do that here from now on.

I’ve been told that it is best to stick to a central theme in blogging. I find that productivity is a popular topic, which I am actively learning through the work of others. I plan to share anything that has helped me. Like many of you, I work. I am also trying to move to Linux as my operating system of choice. I’m a student at the University of Phoenix, and I have a wife and  two small boys. Sometimes when I need information on any of these subjects I can’t seem to find it, so if I can help fill the gap for somebody else I’ll feel like my mission is accomplished.

Up until now this blog has been called Eric’s Watchtower, but I am now changing format. Originally I wanted to focus on Bible studies and socio/political commentary, but I’ve found that I have a lot of other interests. I have changed my title, my focus and my template in an attempt to set a new direction that I have been heading in for some time now. I hope you enjoy the new format. I may also move some of the posts that I have made on other blogs over here to balance out my content. I hope you enjoy it.



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