Send THIS To Ten People, or else you’re a commie who doesn’t love Jesus

I’ve been getting some really good stuff in my inbox lately.  Some of it has been in the form of inspirational stories, some are beautifully put together Power Point slideshows complete with music.  Some have been very informative such as a history lesson.  And yet, each and every one has been ruined by the end, causing me to delete it rather than to share such a lovely, well put together message with all of my friends, family, and coworkers.  Each one tries to guilt me into sharing it.  I can’t explain why, perhaps because of my rebellious nature, that no matter how good one of these emails are, the second that they try to guilt me into passing them along, I simply hit the "DELETE" key and go about my business.

If you must send these emails, STOP INCLUDING THAT STUPID REQUEST TO FORWARD THEM!  I will forward them if I feel like it.  I will decide who is and is not interested among my own contact list of receiving these, and they can decide for themselves whether or not to pass them along.

This is as bad as those stupid chain emails that used to get passed around.  Are you people not able to sleep at night unless you can crank out 10 emails a day and know that each and every person that you send them to will send them to at least 10 other people or feel guilty for the rest of their lives for not doing it?

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