Husband and Wife perspectives on wastes of time

My wife and I have our anniversary coming up.  As usual, I lobbied to get away for the weekend.  She almost did agree, but let me know (finally!) that she thinks it’s a waste of money.  I’ve been trying to get us to go away every year, but she always resists.  Now I know why.  What I don’t know is why do women not just tell you the truth right away instead of letting 4 years go by while leaving you in the dark as to why she won’t let you book a romantic getaway?  At least I finally understand.  I was looking forward to a little romance and maybe 8 hours of sleep (see my previous blog entry).

While we’re on the subject of wastes of money, I have a few of my own.  I honestly think that exchanging cards with my wife is a waste of money.  Fortunately, her birthday, our anniversary, and Valentine’s Day are within 11 days of each other so I only have to make one trip to the card store each year.  While there, I can purchase overpriced $30 bears with 3 pieces of chocolate.

I was in the card store just tonight.  Do you ever find yourself in the situation of walking in to an empty store and suddenly find yourself surrounded by an immense crowd of people who all want exactly what you came in for?  The funny thing tonight is that it happened to me while I was looking at anniversary cards and the mob was made up of teenagers.  I thought people got married after 30 these days, so what did these kids need with anniversary cards?  Aw, the mysteries of life…

Another thing I see as a total waste of money and time is having professional pictures taken of babies.  It takes a lot of work to get them into the position that you want just to snap a picture.  Of course, the professional places insist on taking several shots so that they can sell you the packages.  They always take the one shot that you came in for last.  Now, when you have a baby and a toddler, trying to get them lined up for a picture is tough.  A toddler doesn’t understand sit still.  I almost thought it was funny.  We were trying to get our baby to smile when our toddler just got up and walked away, then the baby smiled.

Hopefully I’ll get some sleep one of these days, and I can get back to my usual banter.  Until then, enjoy the sleep deprived rants.



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