Homer Simpson’s Email Address?

I was watching a rerun of The Simpsons last night where Lisa got infuriated with Homer over not knowing anything about her. Isn’t Homer a great role model for Dads? Uhmmmmmm, beeeeeeeeeer….. Homer, desperate to get his daughter’s love back, hired a private detective to learn everything there was to know about her. While working out the details with the private dick, Homer gave his email address. The address that he gave was "chunkylover53@aol.com". Somehow I figured Homer Simson for an AOL user, that is, if fictional animated characters could choose an ISP. I got to wondering, first of all, is anyone really dumb enough to send an email to that address and of course, where does it actually go? Did the producers purchase a dead email address? Another thought I had was about how Hollywood would govern email addresses. Traditionally when a character has to give away a phone number, they’ll use the 555 prefix, such as 555-1234. It’s supposed to be a dead end, but some people actually dial these numbers and they turn out to be real. I wonder what industry rules will or have been set in place to govern the email addresses of fictional characters? Will they all be on AOL? Will someone make up a fake ISP similar to the old 555 prefix?

Maybe I should devote some time to thinking about things that matter. If anyone has bothered to email Homer, let me know what happened.



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