The Notebook- a definite chick flick

After finally giving up asking my wife if she’d like to join Netflix, she finally decided on her own to do it with her sister. The first movie that she got was The Notebook. As an information technology student at the University of Phoenix who is struggling with problems related to an antiquated notebook computer, every time I hear the name of that movie I think of a laptop. My wife asked if I’d watch it with her, and I agreed. It’s been a very long time since we’ve been able to watch a movie together with two small children.

I will say that the movie was pretty good. As a chick flick, I would rate it much higher than Sleepless in Seattle, which I have no intention of ever watching again. I won’t give away too much, but it is obviously a story apparently written by women for women about a love that starts during a summer and continues over the years even as both characters think that it is over. The story is something that as I said is for women. Maybe some men would like it. When I was younger, I actually did like chick flicks, but come to think of it Robin Hood and Titanic had story elements and action that males can enjoy. In fact, after several scenes in The Notebook supposedly telling the story of new love, I told my wife “OK, I get the point; they’re 17 and in love. This story needs a car chase or a bar fight to break up the monotony.”

I would say that the plot remained consistent and the story was well written and well thought out. The acting was believable for the most part, at least, in a woman’s world. I find it hard to believe, for instance, that a couple argues all the time and yet makes out right away. My wife and I fight all the time, and we’ve never done that. Yet women somehow must find story ideas like that romantic. I thought I had the story figured out early on, but the movie was more than halfway through before it was confirmed that I was right. I thought that the ending was well done.

If my opinion matters for anything, I give it five stars and no, I’m not planning to sit through it ever again.

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