Remote Publishing

I’ve been reading lately about software that allows you to write your blog on your computer and then publish it. I thought that this could be very useful to me. I am embarrassed by spelling and grammar errors, yet they continue to slip through on Blogger’s editor. I decided to search for a free program that would allow me to write my blog entries off line and then upload them.

My search didn’t take too long. There are several fine programs that you can pay for, but that’s not exactly in the question for me. My wife manages our finances anyway. I found a program called wblogger, and it works very well. The first program I tried was Blog, but it turned out to be very hard to set up. Blogger did not make their FTP information easily available, and I realized too late that I could have just tried to publish via http. Oh, well, wbloggar was set up for the Blogger API already. I just entered my account information and it automatically came up with both of the blogs I currently maintain.

It seems to have basic formatting capabilities. Nothing special, but fairly intuitive and I would say very good for a donationware program.

If you’re looking for a program like this, I recommend it.

Now for the true test, uploading…

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