Comments on Terry Shiavo

Frankly I’m tired of hearing about this everywhere I turn, but I can’t let it go without comment. In my Bible reading today I came across this:

Pro 31:8 Open your mouth for the speechless,
In the cause of all who are appointed to die (New King James)

Proverbs 31 contains the words the King Lemuel’s mother taught him. The first nine verses are instructions to the king and the remainder of the chapter details the virtuous woman.

Perhaps the two executive Bush brothers, as well as the black clad high priests of jurisprudence need to take a look at this verse. I cannot believe that in a nation of plenty a woman is being starved to death based on nothing more than the words of her husband who has an enormous conflict of interest.

God, in His soveriegnty, has so far not intervened. Though I don’t understand I can accept that. But shame on us for drifting so far from a law based on moral absolutes to a humanistic system of relative values where death is the default, where judges can’t even issue an order to supply FOOD AND WATER, THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF LIFE TO A WOMAN WHILE THEY SCRATCH THEIR BUTTS OVER A DECISION THAT SHOULDN’T TAKE MUCH BRAINPOWER AT ALL! Shame on us. We, as a nation are guilty, and I have no doubt the judgement is one day coming.


The Producers of “The Office” Need To Get A Job

I don’t know how many people read my blog. I did start it with the intention to post Christian oriented entries, yet it often has not worked out that way. I am on the staff at and post my Bible studies there, as well as a few other discussion forums that I am a member at.

This blog entry will be more of a social commentary. I am hardly skilled at writing movie and TV reviews, so this is my opinion, however unskilled it may be. Last night, after "The Apprentice", which I actually enjoy, NBC introduced a new "comedy" called "The Office". I wish I had a thesaurus because I am having trouble finding a way to describe the show besides "It sucked".

The show is about a regional office of a paper company in Scranton, PA. It is done in a format like a reality show, in that after every thing that happens a character is shown in front of the camera giving a "digital diary" of their thoughts and feelings of what just happened. The main characters are a regional manager who considers himself a friend first, although he is incredibly goofy, a young receptionist, and two quirky men with poorly defined jobs who appear to be comic relief. The one is very anal retentive and the other molds other office members’ office supplies into Jello.

I think one gag actually made me chuckle, but I think it was more in spite of the story than because of it. I wasn’t amused in the least, and I felt cheated out of a half hour of my life that could have been better spent watching "Forensic Files" on Court TV. The previews for this show did absolutely nothing to draw me in, so the only reason I actually watched it is because they sandwiched it between "The Apprentice" and "ER", two shows I actually watch. "ER" I mostly watch because I’ve been watching it for so long and can’t seem to stop, although I realize that I shouldn’t be watching it for several reasons.

I should point out one positive aspect of the show: there was no real sexual appeal that I could discern, although the language and gags I would not recommend for children.

Throughout the whole half hour show, I couldn’t shake the feeling that none of the people involved have EVER worked in an office environment, or if they have it wasn’t blue collar. It almost seemed as if they were making fun of those of us who do anything besides entertainment for a living, and I will not be watching this show again.