Government/Media Corruption? In New Jersey? Really?

I will start this post by saying, in whiny, non-descript language, that New Jersey sucks in a way that no other state can suck. This has been my home for about 6 years, and I am settled in. However, if God told me I could lead my family out of the state, I would use it as a “teachable moment” for my children that sometimes speeding tickets are worth the price. The people here are “unique”. The southern part of the state where I live is like a suburb of Philadelphia, in other words, those who won’t pay the outrageous city taxes move over here. The northern part is a suburb for New York. I’m sure you can fill in the rest of the paragraph. The Turnpike is a large conduit from one part of the U.S. to another. It’s a transient state full of natives of other places with high taxes, high cost of living, high car insurance, and off the chart corruption.

I’m sure that everybody knows that our former governor, James McGreevy, resigned because he was gay. I’m convinced that it was a ploy to divert media attention away from several scandals that got buried farther back in the newspaper, which is high priced bird cage liner anyway. It’s the same tactic former-President Clinton and his media allies used with the Monica Lewinski thing.

Former Governor McGreevy announced his resignation last year but refused to step down until November 15, so that a Democrat would maintain the office rather than give the people a chance to elect another Democrat anyway. This state was 70% Gore in 2000. I am hardly happy with the Republicans, but I wouldn’t touch Democrat policies. When McGreevy stepped down, the Lt. Governor, Richard Codey, assumed the office. His wife had suffered post-partum depression 20 years ago, and apparently he used a couple of hundred million of taxpayer dollars to fund some post partum depression program or other. Note to all of you who keep calling me to ask for money: STOP SUPPORTING THESE TYPES OF PROGRAMS, LET ME KEEP SOME OF MY MONEY THAT GETS TAKEN IN TAXES, AND MAYBE I’LL HAVE SOME LEFT OVER FOR YOUR PROGRAM! It’s a worthy cause, sure, but why not let people decide? It is not a legitimate function of government to support programs like this. Americans are some of the most generous people on earth, but let us keep our money and decide what WE want to support.

New Jersey 101.5 afternoon show host Craig Carton apparently made fun of the governor’s wife and her post partum depression. Just as government officials can’t resist using money taken from us to fund their own programs; talk show hosts can’t resist making fun of people. The only difference is, that’s what he gets paid to do. He also has a Constitutional mandate to do that. The acting Governor showed up at the radio station and threatened to “take him out”, although he claims the comment was “take him OUTSIDE”. Of course, he was flanked by state troopers. Yet another perfectly legitimate use of a taxpayer funded resource.

The state legislature issued a formal censure of Craig Carton. Yes, we were paying them a salary for that session. Isn’t this a wonderful use of yet more taxpayer dollars and resources when the state capitol and legislators spent time debating and drafting a censure against a talk radio host. Do you like the idea of a military dictatorship, anyone? At least they’ll stop pretending to represent our interests.

Well, now it came out that the whole things was just a plot to get media attention. The acting governor had talked to a reporter from the Newark Star-Ledger, and planned the whole thing. See, not many people knew who Dick Codey was, and now they do. Real smart, eh? Former-President Clinton couldn’t have mastered the press better than that one.

Wake up, New Jersey! I’m not telling you to favor one party over another, but until we start demanding accountability from our elected leaders, they’ll never volunteer it. They know we’re too busy working our jobs and feeding our family and obsessing over the Eagles or whatever. Just take a few minutes now and again, and the internet makes it so easy, and write your elected leaders to let them know what you think and that you will be watching them and you will cast your vote in favor of someone who uses their office wisely. Otherwise they’ll just assume that you vote a straight party ticket and will vote for them again no matter what they do.


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