Media Bias In Coverage of Focus on the Family Event

Focus on the Family recently held their “Love Won Out” conference, which deals with homosexuality. Current and former homosexuals as well as family members and friends attend to learn Biblical ways of dealing with homosexuality.

I have long since come to the conclusion that I can’t trust the mainstream media, which I have come to call the “entertainment media”. The Liberal Media is a redundant and overtired phrase. It seems that every time I hear a story on one of the nightly newscasts, which I only watch if I’m at someone else’s house anyway, and the story doesn’t appear to have blatant bias so that I accept it, and it comes up in conversation later, I find that Peter Jennings or Dan Rather or Brian Williams or Matt Lauer or whoever else conveniently left out several facts that are necessary to a proper understanding the issue. And so, I have come to largely ignore the entertainment media and do my own research when I need to know about current events.

And so I leave you with the account of a “news” team that didn’t want to cover an event, and showed it publicly.



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