Free Coffee- NESCAF� Taster’s Choice

I’ve never been a fan of reality television. My wife enjoys Big Brother. I can’t stand it. I see most of these reality shows as a testimony of the deprivation our culture has fallen to. Not only will people go to really great lengths of scheming and lying and tricking to win a half a million dollars, but the folks at home will sit there and cheer them on as if they get to partake in the winning funds.

And of course, you don’t want to get me started on the lengths they’ll go to to make sure that every human condition imaginable gets equal representation. I remember the first Survivor when there were reports that contestants were told to keep the homosexual on as long as possible in order to keep those viewers. The game was rigged before it began.

So when "The Apprentice" premiered on NBC, I paid it no mind at all. I figured it was just another trash reality show and I had no desire to watch it. But when the third installment came out, my ears perked up. It pits high school graduates against college diplomas. That actually got me interested. I have a mere high school education, plus some military technical training, and it seems that some of the stupidest people I’ve known are college graduates (this is not a reason to drop out- there are plenty of idiots and ignorant fools who haven’t or even have finished high school. You know who you are.) If you take a look at the reports that are coming out of our universities these days, you’ll assume that PhD’s and common sense are mutually exclusive.

And so, I watched the first episode with great interest. According to Mr. Trump, the high school graduates have the higher net worth. I missed the second episode, where the college graduates won, but with three episodes down, the high school diploma holders have won two for three.

I am not in any way saying not to get a college education. I think we should all be educated. But learn real knowledge, not junk.

I am so far enjoying "The Apprentice". Instead of people lazily hanging around a house playing stupid games, this is a real world show. People actually have to use knowledge, skills, and teamwork. If they try to screw each other they will end up screwing themselves. This I can enjoy.

The point to this whole blog entry is the free coffee offer. Last night the contestants had to run a marketing campaign for Nescafe. At the end of the show, they made an offer for a free two week supply. That got my attention. So, the first chance I had this morning, I logged on and ordered mine. If you’re a fan of coffee and free offers, you might want to take this one up. And if you know me and my taste in television, my recommendation of "The Apprentice" may carry some weight. However, don’t watch TV at the expense of your family or your responsibilities.

NESCAF� Taster’s Choice



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