Some thoughts on Christmas

I’ve been holding this in. If you’ve watched a lot of TV the last few months, you may have noticed a lot of reference to some generic “holiday”. You hear calls to buy your wife a Lexus for the “holiday”. I remember last year a commecial for a pet store where the couple were putting together toys for their dog and admonishing each other to stay quiet because “It’s his first holiday”.

Now, you can tell by the background snow and trees and hot chocolate pretty much what holiday it is that they’re referring to. It’s not New Year’s Day. As far as I know, our culture still has the courage to refer to New Year’s Day by it’s proper name.

If we can no longer call this day by it’s proper name, why don’t we all just go back to work then? I read in one column that we’re not having an orgy of consumerism in expectation or celebration of the Winter Solstice. Whether you believe in Him or not, the purpose of this day has to do with Jesus Christ. I know, it used to be a pagan festival known as “Saturnalia”, and it still has many of it’s pagan influences, but like it or not it’s now Christmas.

If we can no longer call it Christmas, then as I said before, let’s either celebrate Saturnalia or go back to work. I bet most people enjoy the time off whether they care if it’s Christmas or not.



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